Protransduzin ®


Protransduzin works an an easy-to-use transduction enhancer for retro- and lentiviral vectors.


It works especially well with clinically applicable envelope proteins as RD114, GALV as well as ampho- and ecotropic surface glycoproteins.

The premixing of Protransduzin with viral vector supernatants greatly enhances transduction rates as shown for HeLa and THP-1 (monocytic cell line) cells.


In HeLa cells 5 µl vector supernatant were sufficient to transduce 90 % of the cells in presence of protransduzin. The same amount of vector in PBS yielded
only 5% positive cells. In THP-1 cells the overall transduction rates are lower, but the level of enhancement seen with protransduzin in the same.

Protransduzin can also be applied to concentrate viral vector supernatants without the need for ultracentrifugation. As shown in Fig. 2 the procedure involves
only a low speed centrifugation and is thus time saving and does not require special equipment. In addition, the pellet is much easier recovered compared
to ultracentrifugation.


From the pellet infectious vector supernatant can be recovered. This offers an easy way to use concentrated supernatant for difficult target cells.



Titer unconc.

Titer conc.

Fold enhancement


RD114 10x conc

4.8 x 105 IU/ml

1.4 x 106 IU/ml



RD114 25x conc

4.2 x 105 IU/ml

2.6 x 106 IU/ml










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